Why Choose CitraBlue® St. Augustine?

CitraBlue® St. Augustine, the newest St. Augustinegrass from the University of Florida was developed to solve lawn disease issues and to be a dramatic improvement over other St. Augustine varieties. Not only is the disease resistance of CitraBlue improved, but it also may be one of the top grasses for shady landscapes. As its name implies, CitraBlue features a distinct blue color.

Citrablue Striking Blue Green Color Icon
Striking Blue-Green Color
Citrablue Improved Disease Resistance Icon
Improved Disease Resistance
Citrablue Naturally Weed Resistanct Icon
Weed Resistance
Citrablue Exceptional Shade Tolerance Icon
Shade Tolerant
CitraBlue Map V2

For Homeowners

For Professionals

“It has excellent disease resistance. It has good shade tolerance. It has good drought tolerance…all of those things made a lot of sense and we felt that what we had tried in the past didn’t work but we felt strong enough about it after consulting with our board of directors that we all made a conscious decision that this was the best direction for us to go.”

Harvey Cohen, Valencia Palms Committee Chairman / Resident

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